Lady Andraste Sirisea


Noble High Elf, Mistress of Shadows, Arcane Trickster, and Shadow Magic Sorcerer.


Lady Andraste Sirisea, is an original character for the Owlstone Adventures Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The exploration of the character is being done through tiktok videos, creative writing, and digital art.Learn more about previous adventures at my blog, and you can support future content through donations and upcoming merch ideas.My team and I are planning to expand the series in the future to include Jasper (Smuggler Extraordinaire) and Lyric (Outlander Druid).


Lady Andraste Sirisea can be contacted through the

Video and Design Credits

Software Used

Music Resources

Gear and Supplies

Fliming Gear

Costume Pieces

  • Overbust Corset

  • Underbust Corset

  • Black Pleather Leggings

  • White & Black Peasant Tops

  • Single Sleeve Black Top

  • Skirt

  • Elf Ears

  • Variety of Earrings, Ear Cuffs, and Rings

Props and More

  • Coins

  • Potion Bottle

  • Notebook

  • Quill* purchased in black

  • the following were purchased at TJ Maxx

  • Gems* from a pirate themed diving toy box

  • Wood Slice Tray

  • Wood Tray with Handles

  • 3d modeled and printed from purchased files

  • Dagger